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A tilt bathtub for seniors and disabled


Sundab is a bathtub that is designed for all people who cannot use a regular bathtub. Specially suitable for nursing homes and group homes and for people with limited mobility. The bath is an excellent working tool and gives the bathing person a safe and secure bathing experience.


Just step into the bathtub and sit down, start to shower and then tilt back while you fill up with water. The tub stops when it is in horizontal position and then you let the water pour until it has reached the desired level. The integrated seat keeps you from sliding down or turn around.


- Secure and simple

- Easy to get in and out

- Passing by or by hoist or lift

- Nice to sit and take a shower

- In the bath, you do not slide down

- A great help for the assistants

- Reduce the risk of slipping and the number of heavy lifts

- Mobile, mounded on lockable wheels

- Electric tilting with 24V rechargeable battery

Sundab i Ljungby AB,  Svarvaregatan 20,  S-341 34 Ljungby,  Sweden

E-mail: patrik@sundab.se Homepage: www.sundab.se   Phone: +46 (0)372 83777 Mobile: +46 (0)70 6429268